• Suresh Reddy

Submarine optical fiber cable will transform lives in Andaman and Nicobar: #PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Optical Fiber Cable System from the sea to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The cable was laid across the sea from Chennai to Port Blair and a total of 7 islands. Currently only access to these islands via satellite Data signals are going. Due to this the data is very slow and when the weather is not good the signals are very weak and the communication system is in a lot of trouble.

The laying of this submarine cable will enable uninterrupted communication. Moreover the data speed is much higher than in the past. This means that the speed from Chennai to Port Blair is 400 Gbps and from Port Blair to the other islands it is 200 Gbps and it is very cheap compared to satellites.

A total of 2300 km of cable was laid from Chennai to these islands. The estimated cost is 1224 crore. Modi laid the foundation for this project in December 2018. Was inaugurated today. This will give the islanders a 4g mobile network. The government, employees, traders, students and tourists there will benefit greatly from this.

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