Getting Microsoft Certified Professional

Well as we know how microsoft is going to provide the certificate, before that we should be strong on perticular course to certify from microsoft.

Certification can help you pull ahead of the pack when applying for your next promotion, project, or opportunity.

Step 1: Decide which certification you want. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). ...

Step 2: Find benefits just for you.

Step 3: Get the training you need.

Step 4: Schedule the exam.

Once all the desissions decided and how to start train by overself, Do we need trainer for this?? ask your self about the requirement of the trainer but if you are waiting for a suggestion from my end so as a MCP certified professional i have followed bellow steps to get certified.

1. Be Curious

2. Set Learning Goals

3. Assess Your Learning Resources

4.Engage in a Learning Process

5. Apply What You Learn

6. Collaborate with Other Learners

7. Share Your Knowledge

Consider self-learning:

Self-learning helps you develop your problem solving skills.

Self-learning is stress free. There are no exams, no deadlines. Only pure satisfaction and curiosity being answered.

You gain secondary skills that will help you advance your career.

Self-learning comes out of your personal desire to learn something new. Thus, you get a feel of accomplishment and get a purpose to learning.

You get to choose the way you learn. You can find your comfortable medium, videos, texts, experiments or webinars, and other diverse mediums can be efficiently used to learn.

So, how can you start learning by yourself?

If you are really wanted to learn about the microsoft server, Download VM ware on your machine and download Microsoft 2012r2 ISO File to create your server for the practice

below are the index for microsoft server 2012r2 :

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