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Attitude Status in English ( Unique)


Srdigiword brings here the Attitude status in English for entertainment purpose as everyone wants to change their status on regular basis or need a caption for his photo to post on facebook. We have come with all new updated Status which you might not find on other websites. You can read and see the status are completely nice and perfect.


Attitude status in english


Here is our small but smart collection of Attitude Status in English


  1. A disappointment in love helped me discover that I don’t need anyone by my side to be happy.

2. I am original in everything I do, even in the way I enjoy my life and get happiness.

3. You can tell me the most beautiful words that exist in the world, but you will have to show me your love through your deeds.

4. Give me even a hint because I’m willing to do for you whatever it takes to prove my love to you.

5. I don’t have to keep up with something I don’t like, I’m here to accomplish great things.

6. My goals are very high because I want to demand the most to develop my full potential.

7. Do not stare at me as I strive to realize my dreams, everyone can achieve it.

8. We all have a particular way of seeing life, for example I see it with much optimism.

9. I don’t care what others might think about me, the only thing that interests me is what I think of myself.

10. I can go as far as I propose, even if they tell me I’m dreaming of impossible.

11. There are people who strive to hurt me, but I inform them that they are wasting their time in vain.

12. I have taken control of my life and I have a steady course that I will reach no matter what.


 Attitude Status in English as caption for facebook.


13. They will try to imitate me in all aspects of my life, but I am the original version.

14. I have a winning attitude so I even take my mistakes to succeed.

15. My heart is full of love to give to others, but I also deserve to receive something good on their side.

16. I am waiting for you to surprise me with all your love to feel that my heart bursts with emotion.

17. Always say the truth regardless of the consequences and always defend your values.

18. In every step you give you must show faith in God, because he takes care of you and security in yourself, because you are the one who decides how far you want to go.

19. As much as it takes a lot of people to believe, I enjoy great happiness and I feel good.

20. Maybe the world can’t understand my way of seeing life, but it worked for me.

21. We must always show a good attitude in everything we do so that we have excellent results.

22. Face life with hope and never settle for anything that will always be the opportunity to improve.


Attitude status in english


23. A well-defined personality is very attractive, so always be yourself and don’t change according to the occasion.

24. Every time you go through a difficult situation, ask yourself what life wants to teach you and preferably learn the lesson quickly.

25. Be faithful to your convictions and live in such a way that there is coherence between what you think and what you do.


 Attitude status in English for whatsapp and facebook.


26. Love yourself as you are, do not compare yourself to anyone and if there is something that you are unhappy with; Then find a way to change it.

27. Remember that you can change your mind, but what you should always keep immutable is your essence.

28. You have to stop worrying a little and learn to enjoy life more because every moment you leave never returns.

29. Have the courage to challenge those who try to discourage you from achieving your goals; With your facts show them that you can go very far.

30. Put into practice all the values that you have been instilled since childhood, the society will thank you.

31. Sometimes we think about the differences that we have with others, when in fact we should focus on everything we have in common.

32. Your loved ones are the most important thing you have, so valóralos a lot and don’t expect them to be perfect.

33. Do good, without asking for anything in return as life alone will take care of returning everything that comes out of you.

34. Being positive does not mean turning your back on reality, it is looking at it and feeling able to face everything that comes.

35. The problems you have are going to be solved little by little, so never despair and always remain calm.

36. We all think we’re right, but all we have is an opinion about what we think is true.

37. No matter what path you choose because it will always be full of obstacles, however, you can overcome it by persevering and optimistic.

38. A person who has true conviction does not abandon his dreams or give up without having shown his maximum effort.

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